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YunoJuno Report

I was approached by YunoJuno to take on a freelance contract, tasked with designing an International Women's Day report. As one of the initial ventures into branded collateral beyond their website, the challenge lay in not only creating an impactful design for the immediate project but also making strategic decisions that would pave the way for seamless integration with potential future collateral.


Graphic Design, Art Direction






One challenge I faced was creating materials that combined the International Women’s Day’s message with YunoJuno’s brand, without making a gender divide by alienating the male audience. 

I creatively used visuals like infographics and graphs to convey stats concisely, ensuring broad appeal and fostering inclusivity for diverse audiences.


The success of the International Women's Day report, marked by its positive reception and alignment with YunoJuno's objectives prompted YunoJuno to enlist my design expertise for two subsequent reports. 

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