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GSA Social Media

As the Marketing Communications Manager at the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for the University of Melbourne, I focused on refreshing  brand's look and feel.

I focused on setting GSA apart from other student unions, especially those geared toward younger students. Understanding that the audience is primarily students aged 25-35, I led initiatives to refine the branding and marketing approach. By balancing maturity with vibrancy, we've created a distinct identity that resonates with the target demographic, helping GSA stand out in a crowded space.


Identity & Branding, Graphic Design,
Art Direction






At GSA, the main focus is on promoting events and services to graduate students. I aimed to create designs that grab attention and stand out, yet still clearly represent GSA without feeling repetitive.


To be successful at this means trying out different types of content, posting at various times, and using diverse engagement methods. Our goal is to keep our social media channels lively and relatable. As a result, we've experienced a significant increase in our followers, strengthening GSA's position in the university community. 


Significant growth

Over the past two years since beginning at GSA, we've witnessed remarkable growth in our online presence. Our total net audience has surged by an impressive 400%, while engagement rates have soared by 200%. These significant metrics underscore the effectiveness of our strategies in reaching and resonating with our target audience.