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GSA Handbook

The GSA Handbook was created to be a thorough guide for University of Melbourne graduate students, offering them a comprehensive resource to navigate through the initiatives and events hosted by the Graduate Student Association.

The design process for the GSA handbook demanded thorough research and the meticulous gathering of accurate information, ensuring the handbook was a reliable and up-to-date resource. 


Graphic Design, Art Direction,
Image Research






By infusing the handbook with bright colors and visually compelling imagery, I sought to create an engaging design that not only piqued curiosity but also made information more accessible and enjoyable to explore.


In addition to designing the GSA handbook, I undertook the task of creating detailed maps for the 1888 Building, a three-floor heritage building that houses GSA and their resources. Crafted with precision, these maps were designed to offer users clear and comprehensive guidance through the building, which is both large and intricately laid out, presenting a challenge for navigation.


An ongoing resource

The GSA handbooks remain in active use, receiving biannual updates to incorporate organizational changes and provide relevant, up-to-date information to graduate students.

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