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Graduate Art Prize

Every year, the Graduate Student Association holds an art prize for postgraduate students at the University of Melbourne. In 2022, the chosen theme was resilience, and I took the lead in translating this theme into an impactful campaign with creative design work across platforms.

I devised an advertising strategy across various social media channels and crafted visually compelling content. This included teaser posts, stories and event updates, creating an online presence that resonated with our target audience.

Simultaneously, we ran an offline campaign, strategically placing posters and distributing flyers across the University of Melbourne. By seamlessly integrating both digital and print mediums, we fostered a cohesive promotional campaign that  captured the attention of our audience, ensuring widespread awareness and participation in the Graduate Art Prize.


Art Direction,
Graphic Design


Graduate Student Association (UniMelb)




The art prize theme for this year was 'resilience'. I decided to also use this theme in the designs for our advertising. The goal was to make materials that inspired both artists and viewers to think about resilience and its importance in their work and lives.

Vibrant colors, bold typography, and powerful imagery were used to convey strength and determination, echoing the theme's essence. 


The Campaign

That year, our art prize experienced an unprecedented surge in participation, receiving approximately 120 entries. This remarkable increase was attributed to our vibrant and engaging marketing campaigns, which leveraged colorful designs and strategic use of social media platforms.

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