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For-Sight Branding and Showreel

In 2021, I played a key role in For-Sight's rebranding and website update project. My task was to design graphics that visually explained how For-Sight's Hospitality Focused CRM System works. These graphics were created to make it easier for people to understand the system's features and benefits. By using clear visuals, I aimed to help users better engage with For-Sight's services. These graphics were an important part of For-Sight's new look and feel, showing its expertise in the hospitality industry.



Art Direction

Graphic Design





As part of the same project, I also created smaller iconographics to be used across various sections of the website. These smaller icons were tailored to represent specific features or functionalities of Forsight's Hospitality Focused CRM System, providing visual cues that enhanced user experience and navigation throughout the site.

Showreel design

Following the successful completion of the branding and website refresh project for For-Sight, I took on a pivotal role in designing a showreel to showcase the capabilities of For-Sight. Collaborating closely with the team, I led the design process, ensuring that the graphics effectively communicated the system's features and benefits before being passed over to the animating team. 

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