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Covetrus Ascend Showreel

As the lead creative for Covetrus Ascend's showreel, I took charge in visually portraying their new veterinary software product. 


From vibrant illustrations to sleek data visualizations, every graphic served to enhance the viewer's understanding of Ascend's capabilities. Additionally, the storytelling aspect was carefully woven throughout the showreel, guiding the audience through a compelling narrative that highlighted Ascend's transformative role in veterinary software.


Working closely with the team, I crafted compelling visual elements that effectively showcased Ascend's features and benefits. While another team member handled the animation aspect, my contribution to providing the storyboard ensured that the graphics seamlessly aligned with Covetrus's branding and message.


Art Direction,
Graphic Design





I utilized the script as a foundation to craft a creative storyboard, drawing upon the established Covetrus style to develop new graphics that seamlessly integrated with the narrative.

This process involved expanding upon the existing visual language, while ensuring that the new graphics remained true to Covetrus's branding.

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