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Over the span of several years, I've worked on numerous projects with Covetrus through Bray St Agency. These projects encompassed a wide range of marketing materials tailored specifically for veterinary clinics, Covetrus's primary target audience. Among these projects, I've designed landing pages, EDMs, presentations, infographics, logos, case studies, brochures, eBooks, trade show stands, social media tiles and more. Each project was meticulously crafted to effectively communicate Covetrus's value proposition and resonate with veterinary professionals, clinic managers, and staff members. This extensive experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of Covetrus's brand identity and the unique needs of the veterinary industry, enabling me to consistently deliver impactful marketing solutions that drive engagement and conversion within this niche market.


Identity & Branding, Graphic Design,
Art Direction






In addition to the marketing materials I've created for Covetrus, I've also produced multiple eBooks, including interactive workbooks. These eBooks serve as valuable resources for veterinary professionals, offering in-depth insights, industry trends, and practical guidance to support their practice's success. 

Through interactive elements such as checklists and actionable worksheets, these eBooks provide an immersive learning experience, empowering veterinary clinics to enhance their operations and optimize patient care.


Tailored Design Solutions

Each Covetrus product requires a unique design approach to effectively communicate its value proposition and resonate with its target audience of veterinary professionals. Whether it's creating landing pages, EDMs, presentations, or infographics, each piece of design work is tailored to highlight the specific benefits and features of the product.


Maintaining Brand Consistency

Within Covetrus, diverse sub-brands require unique identities while staying true to the overarching brand. As a designer, I ensure each sub-brand has its distinct visual style while aligning with Covetrus's core values. This involves thoughtful use of colour, typography, and imagery to maintain brand consistency across different platforms and products.

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